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28 May 2011

Mini VJ Set: Screen Vinyl Image chooses their top 5 most influential shoegaze songs.

Screen Vinyl Image have been with us from the very beginning - some of our first interviews, reviews, and special features have been with them. They also create and release some of the best music we've heard...well, ever. They are really fucking good, people. But Jake and Kim are also bad ass as human beings in general - such kind and generous people. We love you SVI! And yes, of COURSE they will be on the 100,000 compilation!! It's not a party without SVI.


in no particular order at all:

jesus & mary chain: april skies

it would be nearly impossible to list a fave mary chain record, but darklands has always been close to the turntable and this track is just brilliant.


cocteau twins: blue bell knoll

JAMC and the Twins were prob my (jake) main reasons for picking up a guitar (and pedals of course) and while i could list a ton of fave twin's songs, this song and record was the first one i ever heard by them and it was life-changing.


slowdive: primal

souvlaki was the first slowdive i ever heard and immediately fell in love with their sound, but it was just for a day that's atmospheres and isolations that really stuck. this track, in terms of gaze, is unlike anything else anyone ever did. while mbv took the noise approach w/ realise, this reminds me more of some of the earlier krautrock bands who took sounds to create emotions and blast them out at ungodly levels.


the cure: 2Late

best cure track ever written, and it's a damn b-side. i had the cassette single and wore it out immediately.


my bloody valentine: sueisfine

isn't anything is def a more fave of svi than loveless. we both discovered them on this record and it's always been a top go-to over the rest of their catalog. this track just kills.