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27 May 2011

When The Sun Hits is 100,000 Page Views Old!

Hello, gazers! As of (checks watch) RIGHT NOW, When The Sun Hits is officially celebrating its 100,000th page view! That is a TON of gazing at this blog, and naturally, we love gazing. Festivities will run through the entire weekend, not just today, so get those eyes off your shoes. It's going to be a blast, and we have so much for everyone to read and listen to; there will be free music (and an entire free compilation that SERIOUSLY kicks ass), hilarious jpegs, random commentary, announcements, anecdotes, interviews, bad jokes, and general overly excited behavior. Think of this as a party on the internet. Mingle. Comment. Yell stuff at us. Call us on the phone at 3am. Drink some alcoholic beverages. And have a fucking good time. We love you, all of you. Keep gazing, and we'll see you at 200,000, guys. You know it.

Amber & Danny