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27 May 2011

Mini VJ Set: Danny Lackey, blog co-creator, chooses his top 5 most influential shoegaze tracks.

I was going to do a more academic/historical list, but after much debate and conversation with knowledgeable friends I decide to make it my personal experience with shoegaze. Here goes!

1) JAMC, Darklands, "Happy When It Rains" 1987.

I found this album at a library record sale. I was 15 and had just started playing guitar in a punk band (of course we were called Requiem! lol!) I still have the record. I still listen to it often. This song says it all for me.

2) Ultra Vivid Scene, Ultra Vivid Scene,"Mercy Seat" 1988.

I saw this for the 1st time on 120 minutes. It was accompanied by this great interview as well. Without hesitation, I recorded over the previous weeks show (VHS, of course) to get this song! Yep, that's how we shoegeezers did it back in the day. That show was like church for a lot of us. Anyway, I was blown away by Kurt Ralske's interview and this song - I had a mancrush....Um, yeah, I did. I grew my hair like his and duct taped my Guyatone Jazzmaster like his. Total dork fanboy...I am still!

3) Ride, Smile EP,"Drive Blind" 1990.

This was a sent as a promo to the record store I was working in. Sherman (my manager and music taste mentor gave it to my gf!!!!) She later gave it to me. I was blooooooown away! Ride...yep.

4) Bloody Valentine,Tremolo EP,"Swallow" 1991.

Had been reading about them in the press for a few years,but hadn't paid much attention.Uh,say whaaaaat? Holy Angels in Heaven! The 1st time I heard was like hearing Hendrix for the 1st time. Stopped dead in my tracks. Time stopped and the air went out of the room. Yeah,it was that big for me. I was done; hero worship had begun.

5) Catherine Wheel, Ferment, "Black Metallic" 1992.

What can I say? Another second hand store purchase. I had tried in vain to order this at Record Bar (Where I worked- a corporate store with a punk rock heart!Small towns...) It was karma to find this tape (stop smirkin', Perry Pelonero) I- wore - this - out. OUT! I took it everywhere. Played it for everybody. Drove people insane with it. You know, I still listen to this album at least once a week. Genius. It still gives me goosebumps. That's what it's all about.


Of course there are many, many other bands like Pale Saints (a discount bin find!!!) Lush (greatness), Slowdive (oh man, Slowdive), Lovesliescrushing (another really important band),The Cure (huge, huge), Swervedriver (Raise, yes!) Adorable (were a revelation!) and the mighty Cocteau Twins that profoundly affected my sensibilities as a musician. These 5 were just the 1st for me, that's all.

Here's to 100,000 more hits! From the bottom of my heart thank you for supporting the music of the scene that celebrates itself! Viva shoegaze, dream pop and WTSH!~Danny the shoegeezer.