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10 May 2011

The Jesus and Mary Chain's Very First Review.

From The Legend! #2, June 1984:

Jesus and the Mary Chain (sic) sound like my brother singing (out of key), drums straight as they come, guitar dredged up from the remains of the first Ramones album plus an insistent two-note bass. Would be the Doors if they could, flirt dangerously by looking like Goths, and cover ‘Ambition’. But find a hole somewhere and are clawing their way through with naive charm and tuneful odd tuneless tunes. Will be terrible when they start to play, so catch them now. (In East Kilbride? You’re bloody kidding)


  1. I love it.

    I love it more that Jim Reid doesnt even do music anymore.

    Makes it more legendary.

    Taste of Cindy boy.

  2. I think you mean William, since Jim put out a solo record after the JAMC reunion tour a couple years back.

    William had demos up for new material on myspace until they (and myspace) vanished. Pro'lly had something to do with getting married and having kids..

    Would love to see more pics and info on the band Blanco y Negro and before days..