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29 May 2011

Mini VJ Set: The Sunshine Factory choose their top 5 most influential shoegaze tracks.

The Sunshine Factory are straight up great folks - and they, too, have been with us from the very very beginning. We appreciate and love those guys so much! The whole band chipped in on this one, so Robert picked 2, Ian picked 2, and Sally picked one. Fun! (Fuck, I did not mean to rhyme.) ANYWAY, surely you've heard their music by now?! If you answered "no" then you know what to do. Stat.


Aphrodite's Child: The Four Horseman

A group that probably influenced bands as diverse as Queen and Beck. A fantastic drummer on a song with incredible dynamics. Note: The Keyboard player wrote the music for Chariots of fire (Vangelis).


This Mortal Coil (Cocteau Twins): Song of the Siren.

Just love this song. The poetry is incredible and of course Liz Fraziers voice........No need to say anymore.



I'm sending tracks that are near and dear to me from my childhood. Hope you enjoy!

Halcyon on+on by Orbital

I fell in love with this when I heard it on the Mortal Kombat soundtrack when I was a kid. Kirsty Hawkshaw has just about the most awesome airy vocals I've ever heard. This song always puts me In that beautiful melancholy mood.


Let Forever Be by The Chemical Brothers

My mother was very into The Chemical Brothers when we were living in Florida around '97. I remember driving to siesta key and listening to this on cassette. Great times.



I think I'm feelin a little Joy Division at the moment.