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29 May 2011

Mini VJ Set: Matt Etherton of Presents for Sally chooses his top 5 most influential shoegaze tracks.

Matt Etherton has been an absolute joy the minute he and Presents for Sally came into our lives, full of vast musical knowledge and kindness. And he's quite a character (I know he's had me laughing my ass off on many occasions), not to mention he and his band are absolutely and uniquely talented. To me, they have a sound all their own. Thanks for everything, Matt, and if anyone out there hasn't checked out Presents for Sally yet, you oughta get on top of that. Not literally. Listen to them.


I didn't want to be to predictable with this, I mean "Morningrise" by Slowdive and various other Ride and MBV songs are timeless, but these are all way too underrated:

The Charlottes - Liar

I remember seeing this on a late night tv programme called "Transmission" and I loved it. It wasn't until a few years later that I got the album Things Come Apart but there's not a bad track on it and it's extremely underrated.


Low - Words

An amazing song by an amazing doesn't matter what people call them...I have heard shoegaze/slowcore/post rock mentioned but i hope people see them the same as they do presents for sally..just a fucking great band that does their own thing, how they want to, regardless of pigeonholes or whatever is suppose to be cool at the time. The vocal harmony in the chorus is just perfect too...


Boo Radleys - Does this hurt?

Probably my favourite song by them, I remember seeing this as a kid on TV on the indie chart on a Saturday morning and it just moved me...the guitars that come in on about 2 1/2 minutes just blow me away's perfect and one of those songs I wish I had written. Up there with "The Finest Kiss" as the Boo's finest few minutes.


Shop Assistants - Safety Net

I love this song loads, it's when indie meant indie! The whole C86 era had some great bands who just made loud noisy pop songs...early Primitives, Talulah Gosh, The must have been great to be going out and seeing these bands live. I love the video as well...awkward shy indieness...fuck, I never knew I was so pretentious haha...

I urge everyone to go and buy a copy of the Will Anything Happen LP...or if your skint just watch "All Day Long" and "I Don't Wanna be Friends With You" on youtube.


Moose - Jack

Moose again never seem to get the recognition they deserve, they meant a lot to me as I was growing up...especially the fact that Russel and Kevin, along with Miki and Chris from Lush and Simon from Cocteau Twins, recorded a song that came out on a flexi for Tottenham Hotspur football club...We beat our rivals Arsenal (known for cheating, being bad losers and generally pricks) in the FA Cup semi final and it was awesome and we went on to win the cup...I think Russel said he felt more proud doing that than anything for Moose...I always said if we reached the champions league final this year we'd do something similar. We never got to the final but it's something we will do in the future...I'll make sure of it!!!