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13 May 2011

News & Brand New Track From Scott Cortez.

For those uninitiated in all things Scott Cortez, a brief smattering of information:

Firstly, When The Sun Hits ADORES Scott as both a friend and a musician, and he did one of our very first interviews for the blog (read that HERE). Secondly, he has been working consistently in the genres of shoegaze, dream pop, noise pop, drone, and everything in between since the early 90s, having a BIG hand in revolutionizing these genres; but he has been inexplicably overlooked as a seminal figure in these genres (something we are determined to change). Thirdly, if Scott Cortez doesn't ring a bell, the names of some of his projects will: lovesliescrushing, Astrobrite, STAR, Polykroma, and more.

Above is a brand new track Scott wanted us to share with you, entitled "A Return to Zero". He is on the verge of releasing a solo album, which has the tentative title of Blackburst Rainbow. We'll give you more info about that once we get it ourselves.

A second announcement (as if the first isn't awesome enough): Scott will be collaborating with the incredible Jefre Cantu-Ledesma and releasing an LP with him in the near future. Both artists are stunning, so a collaboration will likely blow our minds. No news yet on ETA or title, but as soon as we know, we'll share it. Enjoy the variety of videos below, from both artists!