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31 May 2011

Shoegaze Quote: Stephen Lawrie of the Telescopes has fun with a reporter.

There are multiple amazing moments in this interview, so let's just hit the highlights, shall we? Warning: Stephen Lawrie is deadpan hilarious, so prepare yourself. I'm glad he was far less tongue-in-cheek when WTSH interviewed him (read that here!)! Great guy, all around. I true legend.

I'd go so far as to say that he may be the coolest dude ever.

Read the following amusing tidbits from an interview Stephen did in August 1993 with: Todd E. Jones aka The New Jeru Poet.


T.JONES: "I read in NME once that someone stole your cymbals during a show. Is this true? If so, what happened?"
STEPHEN LAWRIE: “I read in NME I was arrested for possession of liquorice.”


T.JONES: “Favorite food?”
STEPHEN LAWRIE: “Magic cake.”

T.JONES: “What is magic cake?”
STEPHEN LAWRIE: “Cake with magic in it.”


T.JONES: “Word association. I am going to say a name of an artist or group and you say the first thing that pops in your mind. So, if I said, 'Velvet Underground', you may say 'Heroin' or 'Banana'. Okay?"
T.JONES: “Stereolab."
STEPHEN LAWRIE: “Chemistry sets.”
T.JONES: “Spiritualized.”
T.JONES: “My Bloody Valentine.”
STEPHEN LAWRIE: “Sunny Sunday Smile.”
T.JONES: “The Orb.”
STEPHEN LAWRIE: “Headlight shows.”
T.JONES: “Felt.”
T.JONES: “Close Lobsters.”
STEPHEN LAWRIE: “White 12" I bought when I was about 17 or 15 years old.”
T.JONES: “Momus.”
T.JONES: “Jesus And Mary Chain."
STEPHEN LAWRIE: “Strawberry jam.”
T.JONES: “Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream.”
T.JONES: “The Jasmine Minks.”
STEPHEN LAWRIE: “The Pink Panther.”
T.JONES: “Severed Heads.”